Hamsat Hams.at



  • New Added satellite detail pages
  • Sats Removed deorbited satellites
  • Fix Fixed crash tracking an activation when location is not set



  • New Added max elevation to Activations table and RSS feed (suggested by NJ2DX).


  • New Added callsigns to user accounts.
  • New Added list of users who saved the activation to the activation page.
  • Sats Added SO-121 (HADES-D) and BeliefSat-0 (thanks 2M0SQL and VU3CDK).
  • Fix Improved browser CPU performance of dashboard page.


  • New Added live map to home page. It doesn't do anything yet, but it sure does look neat.
  • Bug Fixed disappearing mobile nav menu.
  • Fix Fixed observer lines in tracker map to be geodesic.


  • New Added live polar plots to activation tracker page.
  • New Added satellite icons to tracking page.
  • Fix Improved mobile layout of the Passes page.


  • New Added a basic satellites page.
  • New Added RSS feed for upcoming activations (suggested by KI7WXP).
  • New Added option for 12-hour time format.
  • Sats Added satellites: AO-92, SO-115, LEDSAT, and HO-113.
  • Fix Improved page navigation performance.


  • New Added time zone support (suggested by VU3CDK).
  • New Added a logo and favicon.
  • New Added this page (duh).
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